Covered Piles of Stuff: My Stuff & Stories May 31

fullsizeoutput_1fdbI could go on, but mercifully I will not. For the past month, during which I celebrated my seventy-fifth birthday, I’ve posted daily blog entries about stuff I’ve acquired through these seven-and-a-half decades. This Google satellite photo illustrates comedian George Carlin’s famous observation: “A house is a pile of stuff with a cover on it.”

The cover on my pile of stuff is in the center of the photo. On the right is my former home, which allowed for a much larger pile of stuff. On the left is a rental home, where new folks are just now moving in with their pile of stuff.

The stuff I wrote about didn’t include essentials, such as stove, refrigerator, bed, couch. The stuff I featured had to have a story. My reasoning is that we don’t hang onto cherished stuff for practical reasons but for reasons of the heart.

I’m afraid I didn’t make that entirely clear, because a couple of readers suggested that I simply take photos of the stuff, give the stuff away, and enjoy the photos, which require less space. I already have way too many photos stashed away as it is. More important, to badly paraphrase an adage attributed to Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. A photo is not the same as touching, looking directly at, being surrounded by, and appreciating the mysterious ways atoms come together to create the stuff that we love. I relish the physical presence of my storied stuff in my space, even if it does create clutter.

As I sorted through the stuff, I discovered a few items to give away. Their stories had faded or weren’t so great to begin with. That does NOT mean I’ve created shelf space for more stuff. If you’d like to binge-read the entire series, you can find it on my website archive. I deeply appreciate all who have followed the series, and I’ve enjoyed your comments.

2 thoughts on “Covered Piles of Stuff: My Stuff & Stories May 31

  1. Rick Carlson

    It was such a joy to read each and every post this month. You have inspired me to think about
    what is really special and let go of the things that are not. And, I printed your recipe for “Up, Dry.
    and a Little Dirty” and I even bought martini glasses! I told my sister Mary Ann, that I was pleasantly surprised when I sampled your recipe, it was Oh, so smooth! You are a Gem for
    Okanogan County. If you print a book, I will buy several! Irene (Rennie) Carlson.


    1. Mary Koch

      Thanks so much for your response. Glad you liked the martini formula. In fact, it’s just about time to make tonight’s TGIF martini!


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